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Volver a Ella

The short film Volver a Ella, directed by Panamanian Rodrigo Quintero Arauz and photographed by Vincentian Cinematographer Akley Olton has been selected for the 6TH EDITION OF THE FESTIVAL PANALANDIA, 2019.

Produced by the International School of Film and Television (EICTV), the film tells the story of a young man on a search to find his mother, and the story of his origins. Shot on location in coastal corner of Baracoa, Cuba where the hills are pregnant with royal palms, chocolate trees and coffee bushes. and a strong Caribbean light.

PANALANDIA was born in 2014. In that 1st edition, 24 films were registered and approximately 500 people attend three days of exhibitions in public spaces and parks of the city, the 2nd edition in 2015 extends to Chiriquí, Piriatí-Emberá (Bayano), San Miguelito, Veraguas and Panama City, achieving a concurrence of 1,500 people, with a total of 50 works that attend the call. In 2016, the call continued to be screened in provinces and counties, and we extended to Central America with the category Cine de Centro. We received 67 national and 35 Central American jobs and the attendance grew to 2,500 people and for the first time we reached public primary schools and two rural urban communities in the Province of Panama. For 2017 we received 68 national and 73 Central American films, were presented in Panama, Chiriquí and Penonomé continue to grow nationally and in the region, which represents that Panalandia grows in convocation, in an audience in the city and in the province that seeks to see a national cinema that tells our stories. In 2018 we will celebrate the 5th consecutive edition, a cycle is completed and the results obtained by the festival are highly visible, we want to continue enjoying Panalandia with you.

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