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Clothed in Vincentian pride - The Vincentian Newspaper

By: Karissa Clarke - Dec 20, 2012

The popular term “Wear your heart on your sleeve” gets a Vincentian twist and special touch in the form of IREP clothing. The line, brainchild of Akley Olton and Kenrick Quashie, allows Vincentians to show love for their country and national pride in their clothing. Having launched Thursday December 20 at Nine Mornings Festival, the IREP 784 shirts are officially on sale.

The line features tee-shirts with a special logo in Vincentian colours. Quashie explained that when he was studying abroad, he thought that we as a people were too divided by politics and that “we should first see ourselves as Vincentians.” He indicated that it would be good to use garments which can be kept for locals, members of the diaspora and even tourists’ use.

Olton pointed out that IREP was about celebrating our identity. He told of his studying abroad, and that “it is not until you go away that you realize that other people, other countries are repping themselves, repping their identities as a people.” The line, for which Olton is responsible for Marketing and Design, hopes to highlight our heritage and celebrate it in unique ways with vibrant designs. Quashie explained that the shirts on sale feature the IREP logo. However, the line plans to experiment with other cultural elements. Next Year, the duo and their design team, which features local Designer Jeremy Payne hopes to have a new design highlighting an aspect of our culture monthly. Shirts cost $40 EC and the producers are soliciting support, especially during the Christmas Season as a souvenir and momento for persons leaving the country. THE VINCENTIAN looks forward to great things from the IREP clothing line as it promotes celebration of our heritage and love of country.

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