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Akley Olton Director Of Photography For Film Chosen For PANFEST!

By HOT 97.1 SVG.

Akley Olton, St. Vincent’s very own creator of image recently worked as Director of Photography in a new film ‘Entropia’.

The film came from within the doors of EICTV, Cuba and has been selected to participate in the third edition of PANFEST in Los Angeles on October 27 and 28 at the Los Angeles Theater Center. Jario Ramos was responsible for moving the short film into national festivals and the editing was done by Matteo Faccenda. The film was directed by Rodrigo Quintero Arauz and produced by Yamila Marrero Montero.

Akley, who is trained in visual arts, graphic design and audio visual production, is dedicated to the development of Caribbean cinema. Since 2011 he began to work as Director of Photography for Film Fiction, Documentary and Advertising. He studied Cinematography at the International School of Cinema and TV (EICTV), Cuba.Akley has been involved in multiple commendable short films as of recent, with the production of his very own ‘Black Dolls’ being aired just a few months ago. He has continued to make the nation proud and will forever have our support.

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